Reading and writing were the focus of my professional life in law publishing. Since August 2003, I have been the regular contributing writer to Road Rules, a weekly article on motor vehicle law and traffic safety published in many community newspapers throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

Road Rules’ origins — translated into Hindi in the Indo-Canadian Voice, and into Farsi in Paivand, a Persian community newspaper in Western Canada — reflect its original purpose, which was to reach and inform new Canadians living in British Columbia’s lower mainland. Close to ten years of continuous weekly newspaper publication and, more recently, online has had a two-fold effect. Our readership has become worldwide and the range of topics has expanded to include environmental issues, technological developments, and all road users, not just motor vehicle operators.

While a member of the board of directors of the Craft Council of British Columbia, I regularly contributed profiles of award-winning artists and artisans to Craft Contacts, the quarterly CCBC newsletter.